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Insures your loans against default risks

Loan Insurance Scheme premiums will be co-shared between the government and your enterprise.

LIS+ is a complementary programme to LIS, where the government will co-share in the risk of new loans which are beyond the capacity of current LIS insurers for a one-year period.

Summary of LIS and LIS+

Use of Funds Secured working capital (e.g. against receivables)
Maximum Loan Quantum LIS
No maximum loan quantum

S$5 million per borrower group
Premium Rate and Interest Rate (and loan tenure) LIS
To be determined by the insurer based on the risk profile of borrower (Singapore Government provides premium support of 50%).

1.5% p.a. (on amount insured by government)
The interest rate charged throughout the tenure of loans will be either fixed or
floating, depending on the option which best suits your business needs.
* PFI: Participating Financial Institution


You may apply for the LIS Scheme if your company meets these criteria

Facilities for Sales to Local Customers

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding;
  • Company's group annual sales not more than $100 million or company's group employment size not more than 200 workers*
* Annual sales turnover and employment size will be computed on a group basis.
(i.e All levels up for corporate shareholders holding >50% of total shareholding of the applicant company and any subsequent corporate parents, and subsidiaries all levels down)

Facilities for Sales to Overseas Customers

For sales to overseas customers :
  • Based in Singapore with at least 3 strategic business functions
  • Turnover of Applicant Company and its subsidiaries must not exceed $300 million for Non-Trading Companies and $500 million for Trading Companies

For companies applying for both types of facilities, you will have to meet both set of criteria as described above.

Summary of LIS+ enhancement

Use of Funds Secured working capital
Maximum Loan Quantum Up to $15 million per borrower group
Eligible Companies All companies
Interest Rate and
Insurance Premium
Interest rate: Bank Prime + Bank's Spreads
Insurance Premium: 1.5% on credit line approved
Company Bourne 45% of insurance premium
Government Bourne 55%

LIS+ interest rate: Bank's Prime + Bank's Spreads
Insurance Premium: 1.5% on credit line approved
66.3% of insurance premium
Criteria For domestic facilities
- At least 30% of your shareholdings is local

For export-oriented facilities
- Singapore-based
- Presence of at least 3 strategic business functions in Singapore.
  Strategic business functions refer to activities such as banking &
  financial; marketing & business planning; procurement/logistics;
  training & personnel management; investment planning/coordination;
  R&D; technical support and manufacturing.

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